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With a gym, group fitness classes, four heated pools, squash and child minding, you’ll never get bored.

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Group Fitness Classes

AJ’s Sports Centre offers group fitness classes for everyone, from Aqua Aerobics to Zumba; from BodyPump to Yoga.

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Enjoy our huge range of facilities: A spacious gym with brand new equipment, four heated pools, sauna, squash and child minding!

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Our Facilities

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It’s back to school and back to fitness with zero dollar joining fee this month only!

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Did you know we have a women's only gym?

Work out in our fully equipped women’s-only gym. Contact us to find out more.

Have you booked a session with a personal trainer?

BodyPump 100 launches Saturday 14 January! Wear red, white and black to your favourite class. Will you be there?

Can You Exercise Too Much?

Is it possible to exercise too much? Could you be damaging your health by working out every single day, or multiple times a day? Though many of us struggle to fit in the necessary exercise to stay fit and healthy, for others there's the possibility of working out too...

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Anorexia: Eating Disorders Explained

Anorexia nervosa is probably the most well-known of the eating disorders. It is a psychological illness with devastating physical consequences. Anorexia Nervosa is characterised by low body weight and body image distortion with an obsessive fear of gaining weight...

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AJ038_AJ s Lifestyle Guide A4_hr-page-001To obtain your free copy of AJ’s Health & Fitness Lifestyle Guide, contact us now to receive a guided tour of our facilities. The guide is packed full of everything you need to know to lead a healthier, fitter lifetyle – from recipes to a food diary to suggested activities to goal setting.

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