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Group Fitness Classes

AJ’s Sports Centre offers group fitness classes for everyone, from Aqua Aerobics to Zumba; from BodyPump to Yoga.

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Enjoy our huge range of facilities: A spacious gym with brand new equipment, four heated pools, sauna, squash and child minding!

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AJ’s Member of the Month

Meet Marion, whose journey through cancer and recovery will inspire you.

Marion’s Story

It’s amazing what life throws at us. Very rarely do we take a moment to stop to think about how we came to be where we are today. In my case, never could I have ever imagined that I would set foot in a gym, let alone enjoy the challenge of a PT session or kettle bell class.

Recently I celebrated my 7th birthday, which I appreciate sounds ridiculous, but I am fortunate enough to have two birthdays and I would like to share with you the reason why.

In 2009 I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukaemia. I had multiple rounds of chemotherapy, underwent total body irradiation and numerous other tests and treatments; all which led me to me having a stem cell transplant, courtesy of my donor, my brother Jim in 2010. This is the date that I celebrate as my 7th birthday.

The road I have travelled has been a bumpy one filled with hiccups and complications. I developed a new understanding of and vocabulary for the variety of post transplant side effects I experienced. One issue as a result of a post transplant complication I now have is respiratory disease, and every winter this hits me pretty hard.


After much pestering and persistence I agreed to join my husband Peter’s gym in an effort to increase my fitness and coping levels. After several months of basic and core training with Pete, I felt stronger and more confident in my ability and was ready to take the next step and training under a personal training.

Here I met Ainsley. I don’t think she anticipated such a non-believer and how much of a challenge I could potentially be. Working with Ainsley has been such a confidence building experience. She has helped me improve my overall strength, fitness levels and has shifted my mind set to a much more positive place; one where I am setting and smashing fitness and lifestyle goals. This is resulting in me having being more active and having a more positive outlook on life. I am already looking forward to my next session at AJ’s with Ainsley.

The journey I have undertaken wouldn’t be possible without the love and support from my family and friends as well as everyone involved in my care at both the Mater and the RBWH. My story is the same as many others, and is happening every day to people you know and love. There is so much need for further research into this disease and other types and cancers and blood disorders. Please show your support by donating to the Leukaemia foundations World’s Greatest Shave: Be Brave And Shave. Thank you!


I have had the privilege to coach Marion and over the last 6 weeks we have seen massive strength and fitness gains. Marion will give anything a go and try anything I ask of her. She has gained overall strength in her core, legs and arms which is seen by stepping up onto a box with one leg, dead lifting 35kg and pressing 10kg overhead. This might not seem much but in my eyes it is these gains that will set Marion up for the rest of her life. These gains give her strength to stay independent and fitness to tackle whatever life will throw at her.

From someone who never thought she would set foot into a gym she works as hard as a seasoned gym goer in our session and walks away with that sweaty after glow of achievement. Marion really is an example for anyone that life is too short not give something a go and it is never too late to build strength and improve your fitness. It inspires me and I look forward to our sessions with her wicked sense of humour that is sometimes very distracting; the work always gets done and thus results!

You are an amazing lady, Marion.


Personal Trainer, AJ's Sports Centre

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No April Fools Joke here – get four weeks free! Plus we’ll take care of your kids in our fully staffed creche while you take care of yourself – at no extra cost!

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Labour Day Public Holiday

Our opening hours and classes for Monday, 1 May – Labour Day public holiday.

Sports Physiotherapy Now At AJ's!

AJ’s is excited to announce that soon you’ll be able to access sports physiotherapy in-house, provided by Dynamic Sport Physiotherapy. Stay tuned for more details!

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