Which workout class is right for you? There are so many workout classes on offer in the health and fitness world. It’s no wonder as exercising in a group is motivating and cost effective. Signing up to a workout class will afford you an instructor and like minded peers who are all trying to achieve the same goals as you. Many people love the group effect and often find fitness buddies along the way. But which one should you sign up for? Most gyms, like ours at AJ’s, have a wide range to choose from, so here’s a breakdown of a few to help you navigate which workout class to choose.

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Workout Class: Yoga

You may not think of Yoga as a workout, but it is. Yoga is not only good for finding relaxation and improving flexibility, but it also engages your core and strengthens your body. In a typical Yoga class, your instructor will guide you through deep breathing exercises in different physical postures within a gentle and soothing environment. It will help you be stronger and protect your body against injuries. Perfect as an adjunct to other cardio and resistance workouts to help balance out your body. If you’re feeling a bit sore and in need of some down time, give Yoga a go.

Do it.. If you’re keen for some slow down time and are feeling pretty stiff all over.

 Don’t do it If you want to get your blood pumping and feel sweaty after a day on the couch.

Workout Class: RPM (aka Spin Class)

If you haven’t exercised in awhile and you know you need to get your heart rate up, then RPM classes will get you there. This is an indoor cycling workout suitable for all levels and is purely cardiovascular. You will gain a sweat as you spin your legs to the rhythm of music and are coached from the leader up front. RPM classes are usually fun and energetic. It is non-weight bearing and in gentle on your joints. You might get slightly bulked up legs, but you probably won’t get stronger anywhere else in your body. An RPM class would be great after a tiring day at work or as a complement to some weights training.

Do it.. If you want a loud, high pumping and energetic workout without sore muscles the next day.

Don’t do it.. If you’re looking to get stronger and want a full body workout.

Workout Class: Zumba

Tone and sculpt your body away to the movement of latin dance. The easy to follow dance moves include a combination of interval and resistance training to help you burn those calories and shift that excess fat. Dance is a great way to get you moving and have a lot of fun while you do it. Expect loud music and to have a lot of fun while you do it!

Do it.. If you need a laugh, enjoy dancing and want a different way to exercise instead of running and lifting weights.

Don’t do it.. If you want to get toned arms and need your personal space.

workout class, group fitness class, aerobics, getting fit, cardio, aj's sports centre

Workout Class: Pilates

Pilates will help you to strengthen and lengthen your body by focusing on the natural alignment of the spine. You will be doing exercises to strengthen your core muscle groups with your muscles in a lengthened position rather than shortened. Your core is constantly engaged as your body seeks to stabilise your body in the different positions and movements you challenge it with. Each person is usually on their own mat and you require a fair bit of mental energy to keep that core engaged.

Do it.. If you want to strengthen your core and enjoy the mental energy of your workouts.

Don’t do it.. If you want to lose weight and are keen for a more social workout.

Workout Class: HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training will get you losing weight quickly. With a unique blend of cardio and strength, these classes will have your heart pumping and your muscles sore for the next few days. The American College of Sports did a study that found in just two weeks you will find yourself a lot fitter than regular endurance training. HIIT classes can come in all shapes and sizes and anybody of any fitness level can benefit from it. Here at AJ’s we offer HIIT with kettlebells focusing on strength and sprint focusing on endurance.

Do it.. If you want an all body workout and are keen to feel your body move.

Don’t do it.. If you have some specific strength goal you want to meet – HIIT will give you a more all over body workout.

And if you still can’t decide? Come in to AJ’s and chat to our friendly team. They will help you figure out your goals and what you enjoy the most. If you like to use equipment, want to listen to loud music, want to be fast paced, want to dance, want to be challenged, want to have fun, want to get toned, or want to get strong. Group fitness classes are seriously a good investment to your motivation to keep fit and active, so join one today!

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