Every year the fitness community has new fads it’s buzzing about. New trends and exciting ways of exercising to motivate us and keep us from getting bored. This year there are fads continuing on from last year and some new ways of exercising too. Look out for these fitness fads this year.

1. HIIT and LIIT

You’ve heard us talk a lot about HIIT by now. High Intensity Interval Training is the most efficient way to get your heart rate up and your calories burning. A quick workout that only takes 20-30mins with a lot of pay off. You can expect fitness instructors and trainers everywhere to continue using HIIT to get your body working hard. However the downside of HIIT is that the high intensity can be pretty hard on your body. Experts really only recommend to complete a HIIT workout session 2-3 times per week. The rest of your days you need to rest and recover in lower intensity workouts. This is where LIIT comes in.

This year you can expect to hear a bit about Low Intensity Interval Training. LIIT is still effective in burning the same amount of calories as a HIIT workout, but will take longer to complete. For example, you can complete a LIIT workout just by taking a 40 minute walk. All you need to do is incorporate intervals every 4-5minutes in your walk. Just by varying your walking speed, stopping and starting and changing the direction you walk can burn 20% more than walking in a straight line. This is good news for the daily exercises and those whose bodies complain a bit too much after a HIIT workout.

2. Group Training

As social creatures you can expect group training to always be around. The difference will be the classes you can sign up to. The cool thing about classes is that there are so many different types that will suit any fitness level and interest out there. Some new classes to get you motivated to move are Family Fitness Classes. These classes allow parents to bring their children with them to actually enhance the training – childcare is no longer a barrier to exercise! Parents are instructed to run the track carrying kids on their back, have competitions against the kids and pretty much teaching you how to exercise with your kids. This is a win for the whole family, teaching your kids important attitudes towards activity and giving you great bonding time with your family.

3. Online Classes

With time being precious to so many of us, we will see a rise in live streaming classes and online tutorials. Apps you can download that will talk you through yoga positions you can do at home and exercise apps that will guide you through a training session without leaving the comfort of your home. Anyway of being efficient with your time will grab people and the expertise you get from their input is valuable. If you can’t actually get to a gym and have a personal trainer guide you, an app will be the next best thing.

4. Virtual Reality Workouts

Technology is getting good. So good that virtual reality games and headsets are now becoming more commonplace. One exciting game that will get your heart rate up and calories burning is The Omni by Virtuix. It is a 360degree small treadmill that allows you to run, pivot, jump and crouch. By wearing sneakers that interact with sensors on the treadmill it will measure your steps and calories. So while your body is getting a full workout, your mind doesn’t even realise it while you’re playing the game. Virtual Reality fitness options can connect to your treadmill or your bike and go on scenic runs without worrying about the weather. Another example is Zwift, an app developed for cyclists to get you training all year round. You can cycle with a mate from anywhere in the world and compete in global events from your living room. Talk about no excuse to exercise!

5. Wearable Technology

Wearable tech is almost as commonly worn as a watch these days. The motivation that FitBit, Garmin, Apple Watch and Polar Heart Rate monitors give you is so good for incidental exercise and to push you through your personal bests. The great thing about these devices is their ability to take your performance up to the next level without falling into a slump. When you can see on a map where you’ve been, how far you’ve gone, how many calories you’ve burnt and how fast you were going, there are so many more goals to set other than the weight loss figure. A new way of using wearable technology is in group classes where all participants measures are put together so you can create competition and push each other further.

The American College of Sports Medicine have also put out their own top 10 list of fitness fads in 2018. Some other fads they predicted were Body Weight Training; Strength Training; Educated and Experienced Fitness Professionals; Yoga; Personal Training; Fitness Programs for Older Adults and Functional Fitness. Whatever the fad, get yourself moving this year and enjoy feeling alive! Join us at AJs for great facilities and a community of people loving life to the full.