How do you go at sticking to your fitness goals? On cold or rainy mornings, or after a big day at work, it can be easy to forego your exercise and grab a takeaway. Sticking to your fitness goals is hard. Getting in 30 minutes of activity, five times a day can just seem overwhelming. Without having a plan of attack and some tips and tricks up your sleeve to keep your motivation up, you can easily find yourself giving in to inactivity quickly.

fitness goals, exercise, fitness, getting healthy, getting fit, losing weight, weight lossHow To Stick To Your Fitness Goals

Set Objective Goals. You may already have fitness goals in place, but if your goal is to “get fit”, then you really don’t have anything to aim for. If all you are looking for is to feel healthier, then unless you objectify what ‘feeling healthy’ looks like, then you won’t know when you’ve achieved it. Try to set objective goals that you can plot and measure so that when you look back in two months time you can actually see your improvement. Numbers are a really easy way to set objective goals. For example you can measure weight, distance run, repetitions, number of times per week you work out, calories burned, or weight lifted. You can also use a numerical system to measure feeling; for example on a scale of 0-10 how energetic do I feel? The key is to record your goals and plot how you are going week by week, then you can look back and see your progress.

Set Small Goals. Going from zero to hero in one week is not sustainable. You need to set small goals and work your way up from there. Start with just one day of exercise a week and gradually you will find that you want to do more days a week. Slowly you will get stronger and you will be able to last for longer. If you make your goals too big straight away, you will only feel disappointed with yourself and demotivated to keep up the effort. Habits are built over time, not overnight.

Celebrate your Achievements. Don’t let those achieved goals go by unnoticed. Celebrate and reward yourself with something that you enjoy. Treat yourself to some new exercise clothes or tell your friends and family. Allow yourself some fast food without feeling guilty or a drink with some friends. Whatever it is, make sure you do something!

Get Intrinsically Motivated. People who exercise because it makes them feel good within them are more likely to stick to their fitness goals than those who are motivated from other things. Social media rewards, or wanting to look good at class will motivate for a time but to get down to that habitual goal of a healthy and active lifestyle, you need to dig deeper. Having afitness goals, exercise, fitness, getting healthy, getting fit, losing weight, weight loss cheer squad around you or an exercise buddy to motivate you will definitely help you in the sluggish moments of your motivation, so it’s a good idea to gather some supportive people. But for the times when those people aren’t around, remember your fitness goals and why you wanted to live a healthy lifestyle to begin with. What is it for you? Have a go at writing it down now!

Use the 10 minute Trick. If you’ve had a busy day and you’re feeling tired and unmotivated, just get moving for 10 minutes. If you start with a small goal like 10 minutes in mind once you get into it, you’ll find it easier to do an extra 5 minutes or even just keep on going for a full 30 minutes. It’s amazing what a little mind trick like this one will do to get you up and moving.

Mix It Up. Doing the same drill or routine day after day is enough to make anyone lose interest over time. Make your workouts more challenging once you find what you are doing is easy and effortless. Make your mind work so you don’t get bored. If you keep challenging yourself by increasing weights, or going faster, you will also find yourself getting stronger and leaner quicker. There are also a myriad of different ways to be active so don’t feel like you are stuck with running or the exercise bike. Join a gym and try out all the different equipment on offer. Sign up to a class or join a local sports team. Doing a few different types of exercise throughout your week will help getting active fun and enjoyable.

Don’t Let the Excuses Win. What are the excuses you usually pull out when it’s time to get moving? Is it raining or too hot? Get an exercise bike to cycle indoors or join a gym. Are you too busy to get to the gym? Get a set of weights and a yoga mat to do 10 mins at home. Do you want to watch TV? Put your treadmill in front of the TV… or pick a gym that have TV’s to watch while you do your cardio. Do you feel flat? Get yourself the right exercise gear (it is amazing what a new set of joggers or running clothes will do for feeling ready to move!). Whatever the excuses are for you, don’t let them win!

Live in the Now. Feeling guilty about missing a session or having a tub of ice cream will not motivate you to do more. Guilt is not a good motivator. Leave whatever unhealthy choices in the past and live in the now. Decide to make a healthy choice towards your fitness goal now and look forward to how great you will feel once you’ve achieved it.

Adopt some of these tips and tricks and you will find your way to achieving your fitness goals with less moaning and heel digging. Here at AJ’s we are all about helping you achieve your fitness goals, so come on in and see what we have on offer to help get you moving! Check out our offer on FREE introductory group personal training sessions. Personal training has never been so accessible or affordable!

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